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Colorsplash Rare Poultry is located near Raleigh, North Carolina.  However, we ship all over the US.  Some of our best delivery times have been to major cities on the west coast.  (Just at 24 hours.)

We use Express Mail only.  The number of airlines that will carry live mail is shrinking, and I don't want babies bumped from a flight  just because they are a lower grade of mail.  The average postage for a box of 25 chicks by Express Mail is $24.00-28.00.

We save the chicks some travel time by owning a postal scale, and buying postage online from the US Post Office, then taking the chicks directly to the Raleigh - Durham airport.  

The closer you live to a major airport, the quicker the trip will be for your chicks, especially if you are willing and able to go to the airport postal facility to pick them up.  If you can drive to a major airport to pick them up, your effort could save them half a day or longer and literally save them from the worst part of their trip.  

It  is the time between airports and postal distribution centers, and from there to the local post offices, that take the longest, and offer the worst conditions for the babies (rough handling, sorting, loading and unloading, smelly truck exhaust, etc.)

We ship in new Post Office-approved boxes, which I provide.  I also provide a fiber pad to line the box.  It gives the chicks traction when the box is being sorted and moved, and lets any mess fall down to the bottom of the box away from the chicks.

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