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The difficulty of planning orders before the laying season is not knowing when the girls will get started, who will lay well, how many eggs to expect from each pen, and what hatch rate to expect (rare breeds can be harder to hatch than common ones).  

A deposit will hold your place in line for the time frame you want, as long as I am hatching in that time frame.  If you live up north and are the third person to reserve chicks, but don't want your chicks till July, then (as long as the girls are laying) you get your chicks when YOU want.

You will be notified when your eggs go into the incubator, your balance must arrive and be cleared  a week BEFORE they hatch, or I cannot ship.  I will be able to give you an accurate estimate of postage costs at that time.

We are not a commercial hatchery.  All our chicks are STRAIGHT RUN the way God makes them.  I DO NOT take birds for myself from eggs set for orders.  I hatch eggs in separate hatches to replenish my own flocks.  You get the luck of the draw, but you get the full draw.  

If sexed birds are important to you, contact me to reserve STARTED BIRDS for later in the season.

To increase the chances of a higher percent of female day-old chicks, order early in the season.  For some reason, on average, more females hatch in spring and more males in summer.

MINIMUM ORDER 20 CHICKS - But I strongly recommend 25 for warmth and to reduce them getting hurt when flung around in transit.  Shipping information

I pay for the box and the special pad that gives the chicks traction and keeps them away from any mess.  Buyer is responsible for actual USPS Express Mail postage for their order.


Penedesenca Crele and/or Partridge $20 each
LIMIT:  8 Crele per order, 4 Partridge per order (you can order 8 Creles AND 4 Partridges in one order)


Empordanesa Whites only at this time $25 each
LIMIT:  8 per order


Bleu, Black, Cuckoo, and Splash Marans $15 each These are all one breeding pen.  Except for the Splash, I cannot identify which chicks will be what colors at hatching, and the colors confuse the sexing.  So you get the colors straight run too, the way God makes them.  


Welsummers  $7 each, the sleepers of the dark egg world.  Kellogg's roosters and calm, productive girls.  Try them!  No limit.


Blue Laced Red Wyandottes  $20 each, $100 for a started pair later in the summer.  LIMIT:  10 large BLRs per order.


Salmon and Blue Salmon Faverolles  -$7 each 
The Salmons and Blue Salmons are bred together.  You can tell males from females at hatching, but cannot tell which ones will be blue and which ones regular Salmon till they are several weeks old.  They are from a winning show line.  No limit unless the girls go broody.

Questions or comments? Contact me!