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The Catalan region of Spain is home to three ancient, closely related breeds:  the Penedesenca and Empordanesa, equally renowned in Spain for their dark brown egg color, and the Prat Lleonada, which lays pink eggs. 

They all have the same general body type except for the Black Penedesenca, which is the only dual purpose, bred also as a meat bird.  

They all have the carnation comb, which consists of spikes or ridges fanning out from the rear of the comb.


The differences between the Penedesenca and Empordanesa appear to consist only of the names and feather colors.  The Penedesenca consist of the patterned and solid black birds. The Empordanesa are the white and solid colors other than black.  Go to the photo page to see pictures of our Penedesenca and Empordanesa.

Our Penedesenca colors are Crele and Partridge. 

Ours are the first Empordanesa in North America.  We have Whites, from the line said to be the one Prof Francesch is working to develop as a commercial dark egg layer for his region of Spain.  The picture above is a young Empordanesa cockerel.  

Our Reds are in development and may not be available till 2006. 

It is interesting to note that the White Empordanesa have a better hatch rate and often  slightly better egg color than the other Catalans around here.

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